Lotion Soft® Skin Conditioner

|||Lotion Soft® Skin Conditioner

Lotion Soft® Skin Conditioner

Lotion Soft Skin Conditioner is designed to provide added moisture for healthcare personnel following frequent hand washing without leaving a greasy after-feel. This Skin Conditioner moisturizes without compromising CHG residual activity.

Contains emollients and moisturizers, making it an ideal moisturizer for healthcare personnel following handwashing

  • Does not contain petrolatum or mineral oil so that healthcare personnel can use it under gloves
  • Rubs in quickly with a non-greasy after feel
  • CHG compatible – Nonionic moisturizing lotion that does not inhibit residual activity of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG)

Where to use: For use in healthcare settings where frequent hand hygiene causes skin irritation and dryness.

*Data on file. For Hospital and Professional use only
Code Size
1029-87 1 Liter / 12 per case
1029-R5 15oz / 12 per case
1029-K6 4oz / 72 per case

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