Kindest Kare® Skin Cleanser

||, Routine Handwashes|Kindest Kare® Skin Cleanser

Kindest Kare® Skin Cleanser

Where to use: Hospital skin cleanser ideal for use in healthcare settings where a routine soap is preferred.

  • Routine hospital skin cleanser product combining unique technology in skin conditioning to produce a quick rinsing hand cleanser
  • Surface active agents disperse hard water, reducing soap residue and speeding the handwashing process
  • Contains protein and skin conditioners to lubricate and moisturize the skin, making it feel velvety soft
  • Preserved to prevent product contamination and white in color with an herbal scent
*For Hospital and Professional use only
Code Size
1105-87 1 Liter / 12 per case
1105-R2 15 oz / 18 per case

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