Kindest Kare® PURE Foaming Handwash

||, Routine Handwashes|Kindest Kare® PURE Foaming Handwash

Kindest Kare® PURE Foaming Handwash

Where to use: Ideal for use in healthcare settings where a routine soap is preferred.

  • Routine handwash for hospitals
  • Perfume – Free and Dye – Free to minimize the likelihood of any adverse allergic reaction
  • Superior foam quality which rapidly and easily rubs across hands
  • Contains moisturizers and skin conditioners to hydrate skin to counteract the effects of frequent hand washing, and glove use
  • Mild Handwash designed for frequent use by healthcare workers in all healthcare settings
*For Hospital and Professional use only
Code Size
10221247 47ml / 12 per case
1022621 1L Manual / 6 per case
1022312 1.2L TF Ultra / 3 per case

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