Kindest Kare® Hand & Body Wash

|||Kindest Kare® Hand & Body Wash

Kindest Kare® Hand & Body Wash

Our Kindest Kare Hand and Body Wash is a gentle hospital body wash designed total body cleansing and shampooing.

This body wash and shampoo is made with vitamin E, aloe vera and emollients to moisturize and provide a slight floral scent.

  • Gentle body wash and shampoo formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera, and emollients
  • Versatile and economical product suitable for total body cleansing, shampooing, no-rinse bed bathing, and routine handwashing
  • Select combination of surfactants and conditioners leaves skin and hair soft without drying
  • Preserved to prevent product contamination

Where to use: For use in hospital shower areas where a hand and body wash is needed. Not sure if this is the product for you? We also make a 3-in-1 wash, shampoo and conditioner that provides a light, unisex fragrance.

*Data on file. For Hospital and Professional use only
Code Size
1117-87 1 Liter / 12 per case
1117-R2 15 oz / 18 per case
1117-03 4 oz / 72 per case

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