Kindest Kare Foaming Handwash is a foaming routine handwash for the healthcare industry.

  • Foaming routine handwash designed with a specially formulated surfactant system and skin conditioners to cleanse hands without negatively impacting the skin’s natural moisturizing factors
  • Mild, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic skin cleanser that is dye-free, has a neutral pH, and is gentle on the hands
  • Preserved to prevent product contamination

Where to Use: Ideal for use in all healthcare settings where an antimicrobial handwash needed. Use in our Air Infused Manual Dispenser or in our FSD Manual Dispenser for best results.

Not sure if this product is for your facility? Try out our Kindest Kare PURE Foaming Handwash, with added moisturizing agents, and free from perfumes and dyes.