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The Proline Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers are widely and successfully used by hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the world. The clear sides allow users to easily see product levels and expiration dates in order to comply with industry standards.

Feeling creative? Ask your sales representative if you qualify to customize your dispenser for your facility!

  • The TouchFree Ultra Dispensers are efficient dispensers designed to help improve hand hygiene in healthcare settings. Simply hold your hand underneath the Touch Free UltraDispenser for a designated amount of foaming hand hygiene products.
    • Compact design, power efficient touch-free dispensing for use with DebMed foaming hand hygiene products.
    • Long lasting battery life – 4 D cell batteries are proven to last up to 4 years within the healthcare setting
    • Customized options available
    *For Hospital and Professional use only
  • This foam wall bracket is designed for foamed waterless mousse sanitizers. 9oz and 17oz sizes available. This wall bracket is a good option for the walls surrounding your healthcare facility or hospital. Utilize this dispenser with Alcare Plus Foamed Antiseptic Handrub to encourage frequent hand sanitization.
    *For Hospital and Professional use only
  • Our Omni-Foam Waterless Soap Dispenser is for foamed waterless mousse sanitizers. For best results, we recommend using this with our Alcare Plus® Foamed Antiseptic Handrub. Available in both 9 oz. and 17 oz. sizes
    *For Hospital and Professional use only