Proper hand hygiene in the healthcare field can lead to dry skin. Many of SC Johnson Professional’ hospital handwashes and hospital hand sanitizers are designed to moisturize while cleansing, but we also offer a full line of healthcare lotion products to aid with moisturization.  These lotions are designed to provide maximum moisture while also destroying harmful bacteria and further cleansing.

  • Kindest Kare Skin Cream is a hospital skin care lotion for all over body use. This skin cream is made with vitamin E, aloe vera, and other emollients to moisturize rough skin. Looking for a CHG compatible lotion? Our Lotion Soft Skin Conditioner is the perfect solution for your facility.
  • Lotion Soft Skin Conditioner is designed to provide added moisture for healthcare personnel following frequent hand washing without leaving a greasy after-feel. This Skin Conditioner moisturizes without compromising CHG residual activity. Contains emollients and moisturizers, making it an ideal moisturizer for healthcare personnel following handwashing
    • Does not contain petrolatum or mineral oil so that healthcare personnel can use it under gloves
    • Rubs in quickly with a non-greasy after feel
    • CHG compatible – Nonionic moisturizing lotion that does not inhibit residual activity of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG)
    Where to use: For use in healthcare settings where frequent hand hygiene causes skin irritation and dryness.
    *Data on file. For Hospital and Professional use only
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