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The DebMed System

It’s time to upgrade to the clinically proven system more and more hospitals rely on.
DebMed GMS 2.0

DebMed® Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

The simple, reliable way to boost hand hygiene compliance and performance and improve patient safety

  • Proven to be an accurate method of measuring hand hygiene compliance following the WHO 5 Moments (as well as CDC, Canada 4 Moments and JHACO guidelines)
  • The first and only system clinically proven in peer-reviewed studies to reduce HAIs (MRSA and C. diff)1,2.
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How it Works

Able to capture 100% of hand hygiene events for 24/7 monitoring of total team performance

  • Captures reliable, real-time compliance scores.
  • Proven in multiple published studies to be as accurate as 24/7 video monitoring.

Simple to set up and begin using immediately

  • Requires no badges supporting an efficient workflow.
  • User-friendly online dashboard or daily emails delivered to your in-box with easy-to-read, meaningful, actionable reports.
  • Immediate feedback to use right away to improve performance.

Easy to install with no badges or complicated costly equipment

  • Compatible with all brands of sanitizer and soap dispensers.
  • Able to monitor point-of-care dispensers.
  • Requires no integration with hospital’s IT, RTLS or WiFi.
  • No data security concerns with the stand-alone system.

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Hand hygiene is critical for infection control and patient safety. That’s why hospitals and healthcare facilities choose DebMed – the hand hygiene compliance and skin care experts – effective solutions for health care practitioners and hand hygiene compliance monitoring. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon.

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