A comprehensive range of best practice tools, resulting in lasting behavior change for hospital staff.

We support you to help change staff behavior and meet the highest standards of skin care. The full implementation of the DebMed® Program and adoption of the WHO ‘5-Moments of Hand Hygiene’ guidelines in a healthcare environment requires a clear and practical approach to create behavior change as defined in the following four actionable implementation stages.

To support this, Deb will periodically review the Program with your Leadership Team and conduct DebMed® Training.

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Challenges & Best Practices

healthcare associated infections

Healthcare – Associated Infections

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) remain a persistent threat for patient safety, hospital reputation, and the risk of financial repercussions and penalties.

About Hand Hygiene

About Hand Hygiene

A lack of hand hygiene compliance by healthcare staff continues to be a significant contributor to the spread of pathogens, resulting in HAIs.

Hand Hygiene Best Practice

Hand Hygiene Best Practice

Implementing best practices makes a significant difference in increasing compliance and reducing HAIs.