DebMed Dispensing Systems

DebMed offers a variety of soaps, sanitizers, hair and body washes and lotion dispensers for healthcare. These dispensing systems meet a wide range of clinical needs and are developed to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance for healthcare workers, environmental service departments and infection prevention.

The DebMed dispenser range incorporates Proline Manual dispensers, TouchFree Ultra dispensers and a Point of Care dispenser. DebMed is committed to honoring the hand hygiene portfolio that we acquired from STERIS in 2016. As such, we have maintained the SDS dispensers, Air-Infused Manual dispenser,  Omni-Foam dispenser and more.

We are so confident in the quality of our dispensers that we guarantee them for life!

The DebMed Range dispensing systems are designed to deliver cost efficiency and the highest levels of safety and hygiene for users. The key benefits of the DebMed range dispensing systems include:


Sealed cartridges do not allow for air ingress and ensure product is free from contaminants


Create a design that is unique to your facility

No Wastage

Cartridges are designed to collapse in use to ensure all product is evacuated with no waste


Stops unauthorized access or tampering

Saves Time

Empty Cartridges are easily replaced in seconds

Low Maintenance

Easy wipe-clean surfaces

Long Lasting Battery Life

TouchFree technology provides up to 5 years battery life

Guaranteed for Life

All DebMed dispensers are manufactured from durable plastic components, rigorously tested for high usage environments and guaranteed for life*

Translucent Sides

Allows for easy viewing of fill level and expiration dates

For healthcare branding, DebMed’s design team can conceptualize your ideas to produce an exclusive dispensing solution, tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s a hospital logo or something completely unique, DebMed can provide the solution. Find out more about DebMed’s unique Custom Dispenser Design Service.