Dispensers Overview

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Thoughtfully Designed and Customizable Dispensers

DebMed offers a variety of hand wash, hand sanitizer, hair and body wash and lotion dispensers. All are exceptional hand hygiene systems that meet a wide range of clinical needs. From manual dispensers using cartridges that avoid mess and waste, to TouchFREE and point-of-care developed to meet best practices, DebMed dispensers are designed to overcome barriers to hand hygiene compliance. Our dispensing systems are designed to be easy to use and universally understood in cross-cultural, multi-lingual environments.

Easy to Recognize, Use and View

Color coding – Product labels, dispenser covers and push bars are color-coded to provide visual cues for users and to ensure the proper product is loaded in each dispenser.

Language-free usage icons
– Easy to understand, language free, “how to use” icons are on the front of all dispensers.

Multi-lingual product identification – Simple words clearly communicate the dispenser contents.
Transparent covers – Dispenser contents can be visually monitored without opening dispensers or relying on small view windows. Empty dispensers and product waste are avoided.

All DebMed hand hygiene system dispensers are guaranteed for life.

During installation or at any later time, all DebMed wall-mounted and point-of-care dispensers can be equipped with the patented DebMed Compliance technology, which automatically measures hand hygiene compliance in each unit.

DebMed dispensers are fully customizable offering the largest customizable print space on the market! Tailored to your specific needs, we can include full color images, metallic, photographic quality images, logos, etc.