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Foam Technology

In 1999, Deb launched the world’s first generic foaming soap system, and most wall-mounted commercial foam soap dispensers sold in the world today still utilize Deb Dispensing Technology.

Following the development of foaming soap, Deb invented the world’s first non-aerosol alcohol foam hand sanitizer in 2003.

Many Deb products incorporate our pioneering ‘Deb Foam Technology®’, providing a different skin care experience and surpassing traditional skin care products by providing the following benefits:

  • Greater convenience — quicker and easier to use
  • Increased efficiency — improved efficacy and lower usage costs
  • Preferred by users — quick and pleasant to use
  • Reduced environmental impact — less packaging waste and water consumption
  • Water Saving — Independent research, commissioned by Deb Group, shows that organizations could use up to 45% less water by switching from lotion soap to Deb’s foam soap.

BioCote® Silver Ion Technology

BioCote® silver ion technology has been incorporated into all DebMed Proline Manual Dispensers.

BioCote® silver ion technology is:

Effective – reduces bacteria, mold and fungi on the surface of treated dispenser push buttons within as little as 2 hours and achieves up to 99.99% reduction over a 24-hour period*.

Long-Lasting – maintains antimicrobial performance for the lifetime of the dispenser; will not wear off, wash off or leach out.

Safe – regarded as non-toxic and therefore a safe and natural alternative to synthetic, organic antimicrobial agents.

How does Silver Technology work?

  1. Microbes contaminate surface of BioCote® protected dispenser push button.
  2. Silver ions act against contaminating microbes in 3 ways:
    1. They combine with microbial proteins in the cell and cell wall
    2. They interfere with DNA replication
    3. They promote formation of reactive oxygen species
  3. Microbes are deactivated, the button is protected and continues to reduce microbial levels by up to 99.99%

DebMed Proline Manual dispenser buttons are protected with BioCote® antimicrobial technology can be expected to harbor significantly lower levels of microbial contamination and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. BioCote® protected dispenser buttons continuously fight against microbial contamination for the lifetime of the Deb dispenser.

For more information download our BioCote® leaflet »
* Efficacy is independently validated by ISO methods

Alcare® Extra Foaming Sanitizer

Alcare® Extra Foaming Hand Sanitizer, the newest technology in waterless sanitizers from DebMed, was developed with healthcare workers’ hands in mind. As the inventors of foaming hand sanitizers, DebMed created an extra effective formula that moisturizes the skin. In fact, 84% of users prefer the foam format1 of Alcare® Extra!

Alcare® Extra was formulated to be a global sanitizer to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and mycobacteria. Our scientists found that 80% ethyl alcohol was the optimum amount to provide the broadest spectrum of efficacy – while still moisturizing and maintaining skin health.

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The Advanced Solution for Handwashing

Kindest Kare® Advanced is DebMed’s next generation of healthcare quality, antimicrobial handwashing. Healthcare facilities are seeking antimicrobial soaps that do not contain Triclosan. To address this need, DebMed created a handwash containing an alternative antimicrobial ingredient, Benzalkonium chloride (BZK). This ingredient is known to be a highly effective antimicrobial agent.

Designed with healthcare workers in mind, Kindest Kare® Advanced offers a fast acting, antimicrobial, soap designed for healthcare environments. Kindest Kare Advanced handwashes are fragrance-free, very mild, and tested in accordance with FDA proposed clinical methods for Healthcare Personnel Handwash. Pleasant to wash with, these soaps leave hands feeling silky.

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