About DebMed Products

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The DebMed product range is the most comprehensive range of products developed specifically for healthcare. This range addresses the skin care requirements and preferences of all healthcare workers to provide safe and effective products designed for frequent use.

The DebMed Product Philosophy:

  •  Formulated to meet the efficacy needs of the healthcare environment
  • Mild and moisturizing products to increase hand hygiene compliance and maintain skin health
  • Simple to use and easy to understand and re-fill
  • Products that respect the environment and are supported by international standards for environmental safety where possible
  • Cost effective formulas

To prevent the spread of infection, the DebMed range is organized into categories to 6 create an integrated skin care and hand hygiene approach.

DebMed Products

6 Categories for Fighting Infections

DebMed SanitizersSanitizers provide a quick and easy solution for hand hygiene without water

DebMed offers various formats for hand sanitizing solutions:

  1. Foaming Hand Sanitizers
  2. Liquid Hand Sanitizers
  3. Gel Hand Sanitizers

DebMed Handwashes

Full range of  handwashing products that have been designed to provide the appropriate level of efficacy and performance for healthcare workers.

  1. Antibacterial Handwashes – providing a higher level of efficacy
  2. Routine Handwashes –  general purpose handwashes

Lotions formulated specifically for healthcare workers’ hands to moisturize at the end of the shift to help keep them healthy.

  • Light Restore – for use on normal skin types/condition
  • Medium Restore – for use on dry & stressed skin types/condition
  • Heavy Restore – for use on very dry & stressed skin types/condition

A range of antimicrobial products for healthcare personnel handwashing, surgical scrubbing, and pre-operative patient care.

DebMed Surgical Scrubs

We offer a range of surgical scrub products including:

  • 2% CHG
  • 4% CHG
  • Surgical Scrub Brushes
  • Waterless Surgical Scrubs

Surface DisinfectantsA comprehensive range of surface disinfectants.

  1. Coverage Wipes
  2. Coverage Sprays